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  1. I actually was correct the first time. Looking at the boxscores if there is a WP and an error they acknowledge it and if only an error or WP they show that as well. In the game I provided a link above they did not acknowledge a WP just an error. The box score shows Ramos with one WP but that was the batter before. Compare this box score line: MIL Carlos Gomez AJ Ramos -17% 54% Strikeout Swinging, E2; Lucroy to 3B; Gomez to 2B With this line: TEX Rougned Odor Joba Chamberlain -2% 94% Strikeout Swinging, Wild Pitch; Odor to 3B/Adv on E2 (throw to 1B
  2. Sorry my bad. Error was for runner going to second.
  3. Longtime lurker, love all the topics - umpire, coach or scoring related. I think this shows that MLB will indeed score an error on an obvious bad throw/dropped ball at first on an U3K. 1 -2- 6,(2-2) MIL Carlos Gomez AJ Ramos -17% 54% Strikeout Swinging, E2; Lucroy to 3B; Gomez to 2B
  4. Smoak struck out. Definitely not backswing interference. Crossed the plate (barely) in front of the catcher, who threw to second to try and get Granderson. Ball skipped into short center field (picked up by SS) and Granderson tried to make it to third since they had a huge shift on for Smoak (3rd baseman was at the SS position). The pitcher though made it there to get Granderson on a close play. The reason I am asking is I thought the runner should be out since Smoak had already struck out.
  5. So the correct call was made in the Toronto - Baltimore game last night? Smoak struck out and was called for BI and Granderson was returned to 1st although he was thrown out at third?
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