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  1. Thats also the way I read it, the first time. After re-reading, it stated RH batter "which hits the kid in the left chest". I was thinking the "old school sqaure to bunt" as he decribed it, ball hits him in the RIGHT chest would have been very close to, if not in the strike zone.
  2. Donny7

    NFHS DH rule

    We do know that Doe could not legally move from #2 to #1, irrespective of who did or did not leave the game... in the caseplay or the OP's original scenario.
  3. Donny7

    NFHS DH rule

    No we are not both saying the same thing. All your statements agree with mine and are correctamundo. Mavens response was mistakenly tagged as the best correct answer and no one has challenged it, nor sent out a correction.
  4. Mr. Moderator johnnyg. You better be careful posting to an April 2020 topic. Someone may whup-out the dreaded ZOMBIE on you.
  5. Donny7

    Error or hit?

    This is not a determination an umpire makes, but most of us, with more information can give you a fairly accurate answer. What was the degree of difficulty for the shortstop in fielding the ball? - Did he move far to his left, right, up or back? - Did he field the ball on a bad hop? - Did the third baseman cut across and hinder him? - Did a baserunner hinder him? If none of the above answers are yes, and it was a routine ground ball, and the throw would have retired the runner, then it was an E6. Without seeing
  6. Answer: Whenever wise input ceases. Not everyone lives and breaths or visits this site on a daily basis. Multiple visitors have drive-bys, looking for answers and they can find some very good ones here. The absolute best advice was written over two thousand years ago, is still explicated today and as relevant, if not more so, than it ever has been.
  7. Intellectual Humility: The importance of knowing you might be wrong.
  8. Maven, In my time on this forum, there is no doubt that you are extremely knowledgeable, and supply the absolute best detailed, experience and fact-based answers/explanations. I have learned a lot from this site and the majority of it came from you and your willingness to share with others. For that, I am very grateful and appreciative, just as I’m sure Warren and all of the other members and guests that you have helped are. You are right 99.9 percent of the time. There has only been one perfect person that walked on this earth, and it aint me, and it’s not you. Showing some humili
  9. All Good Things Must Come to an End lawump Posted June 11, 2019 So, with the conclusion of this year's NFHS Baseball Rules Committee meeting in Indianapolis, my four-year term on the committee has come to an end. I am proud to have served, and I met a lot of people who have a deep commitment to prep baseball and who have become lifelong friends. With that said, I wanted to write a post that explains how the baseball committee process works. There is a lot of bashing of the rules committee on social media (not so much this site...but a lot on other sites). I thought I cou
  10. I am an old man now, but I had some of the best times of my life coaching kids’ baseball. We had 3 sons, all spread apart by about 7 years each… so about the time one would get up to the teenage years (When they tend to start knowing it all) I would drop back down with the next youngest and start all over again. I ended up coaching Dixie Baseball for about 16 years. In Dixie, the top two teams in their respective divisions in each state play a best 2 out of 3 Series to determine the State Champion and a trip to the Dixie World Series. We were fortunate enough to play for 4 State Champions
  11. Thank you for your "For others:" enlightenment. Please read Lawumps ALL GOOD THINGS MUST END, June 11, 2020. He very meticulously details his experience and the extensive process of reviewing and approving/disapproving NFHS Proposed Rule Changes. I can say with confidence that there is not a "Texas-way", only an NFHS-way. His description is that the foremost concern is always player safety. We should all be on that bandwagon. After that it appears that it may not necessarily be who pleads the best case, rather who has the political clout... and that clout seems to not be weighted on
  12. Donny7

    NFHS DH rule

    5th inning, we have this Doe - Smith or an eligible subsitute for Smith Jones (F/DH) Doe was a defensive sub for Jones, the F/DH. They were both locked in the 2 positiion so Doe can't "drop into" or change from 2 to 1 in the order. Jones and Doe cannot both remain in the game simultaneously on defense. The only way for Doe to remain in the game is for Jones to remain the DH batting for Doe or for Doe to assume Jones spot in the order both on offense and defense. Jones being a starter could still re-enter in the 2 spot replacing Doe and batting for himself. Doe be
  13. Donny7

    NFHS DH rule

    All was good until the 5th inning. When Jones returns on defense, Doe, who substituted for Jones defensively, must be removed. Even though Doe was not playing offense, he and Jones were locked into the same spot in the order. Jones is now a defensive player batting for himself. Doe who was a substitute cannot re-enter. At this point where does Smith, the leadoff hitter and 1B go. He either stays in the game in another defensive position or he is replaced by an eligible substitute. If substituted for, Smith, being a starting player may re-enter.
  14. Being the head of the association requires me to take action and responsibility for it's purpose and membership. My other options could be: Delegate (let someone else do it) Be satisfied with the status quo Do Nothing Or as some have suggested, quit I'm satisfied that we are doing the right thing for the right reasons. I apologize if we communicated it in a way that elicited a negative response. We were only trying to get some feedback from professionals. I really didn't think it was that big of a deal.
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