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  1. Yes... the order makes a difference. R3 cannot score after 3 force outs are recorded.
  2. Yes we agree Elk. Your first reply was correct. The ball was being returned to F1, R2 was NOT attempting to steal 3B. Call immediate Dead Ball. No runners advance.
  3. Pretty obvious here that we officials have some diverse opinions on this OP. (That is, all of us except Lawump ) For me there are several factors that feed into what my response/no response is when I know I kicked one. Most have been mentioned in this thread but I will list them beginning with most important to less import factors. What Level/Age/Class game it is Attitude demeanor of the coach/players (Never the fans) Impact on the game... Possibly very high or very little Ones that have already been mentioned that I employ: "If he throws it there again its a strike". Yes, loud enough for both F2 and batter to hear Occasionally use email, especially to clarify rules or interpretations NEVER at the next game. Move On
  4. Donny7


    It is always difficult for us to visualize exactly what transpired by the reading of text alone. I did key in on one descriptive word you used... PAUSED. No charged visit from me for two reasons. It appears there was no delay of game. You repeated basically what he said to his Pitcher, so he didn't pass on any secret strategy. Sounds like the coach was probably reiterating some of the same things he had been yelling from the dugout.
  5. Donny7


    Unanimous!!! Wonder why he didn't call it? There must have been some bad vibes going on prior to this or... maybe he just went momentarily brain dead. I can raise my hand and say I have been guilty of it a few times.
  6. Hey Richee Vee... can you at least give me a LIKE for getting one right so I can move into double digits.
  7. Now that's funny. GIT ER DONE... Go home be with family.
  8. About 10 years of history... NO, not enforced with no runners on.
  9. Donny7

    Fair or foul

    Counts as a CORRECT clarification to this OP.
  10. Around and round it goes, where it stops... nobody knows. " IT AIN'T NOTHIN TIL' YOU CALL IT! " No need to get in a hurry here. Yawn
  11. INCORRECT ON THE 1st RED TEXT: Not until the ball leaves the pitchers' hand would the BU fully pivot to 2B. CORRECT ON THE 2nd RED TEXT: Yes, No penalty, nothing to discourage multiple infractions.
  12. Warren pretty much describes where I'm at with say, 13U thru JUCO. Below that I take it on a player by player basis, cause it can get extremely varied and subjective... but, what I have experienced is that 12U and younger are a majority of the time, very honest when the event first occurs. I'm saying that if I haven't already made up my mind, am unsure, and it is a one of those type calls that I and my partner could use a little input on, then... maybe. But Only Once In A Blue Moon does that circumstance present itself.
  13. I see this is your first post Roush. Welcome to Umpire Empire . Some folks on here can be a little brash and inconsiderate. Others are actually pretty funny when you get to know their sense of humor. I think they got the point across that the runner must physically touch the plate prior to being tagged in order to be considered safe. Don't get disillusioned with the smart a_ _'s... I have found that many of them have some of the wisest advice on this site. I personally have learned more from them than any of the other officials... and there is a lot to learn here, so, one more time... WELCOME and keep an open mind (and thick skin).
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