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  1. beerguy55's post in Passing runner was marked as the answer   
    No..."passing the runner" is a bit of a misnomer.  Think of it more as a state than an act.  If the trailing runner at any point finds himself beyond the lead runner,  (or conversely, the lead runner finds himself behind the trailing runner) the (should have been) trailing runner is out.
  2. beerguy55's post in Bad throw to the Pitcher after a foul ball was marked as the answer   
    It's not only merely dead
    It's really most sincerely dead
  3. beerguy55's post in Interference or obstruction was marked as the answer   
    Being a girl on base I'm gonna take a "flier" here and go with softball - sure, girls play baseball....99% of the time if a girl is playing a bat sport it's softball.  If I'm wrong I'm wrong.
    This may differ in other softball rule sets - NFHS, USSSA, NCAA, LL, Softball Canada, etc - but here is the official international softball rule:
    Section 9: The runner is out:
    m. When he interferes with a fielder attempting to field a fair-batted ball, regardless of whether the ball has first been touched by another fielder, including the pitcher, or intentionally interferes with a thrown ball. 
    Assuming the rule set still follows this rule sounds like they got it right.
  4. beerguy55's post in Base Running was marked as the answer   
    a. yes
    b. no
    While the force is on (the batter hit a fair ball and is now a runner), the runner on first is not safe on that bag.  Once the batter is retired, the runner is now entitled to that base and is safe if standing on it.   
  5. beerguy55's post in Ball hits batters hands was marked as the answer   
    Dead ball, strike, runners return - batter out if strike three.
  6. beerguy55's post in coach was marked as the answer   
    Nothing.  Run scores.  Batter returns to plate to complete at bat.  There was only two strikes.  The catcher should know better than to try to get the batter at first base.
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