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  1. These retail new for $119. These shin guards are as good as new. Buy it now for $85
  2. This is the mask many of the MLB umpires wear. The Nike Pro umpire mask. This mask is only given to contracted Nike catchers. Very rare with black pads. $500 or best offer. M
  3. West Vest MLB Pro Platinum 12" chest protector with refurbished Team Wendy padding.
  4. No thanks. I will sell as one piece. Just lowered to $350. Let me know.
  5. This is the best best chest protector there is. West Vest Platinum by Wilson. Fitted with Team Wendy pads and a Force 3 Harness. $350 or best offer
  6. I'm looking to purchase a West Vest Gold or Platinum that has been retrofitted with Twam Wendy pads.
  7. How much for WV with retrofit?
  8. Come on Bill!!! How about $325. You can catch the blue light special at your local Golden Coral. All you can eat. Let me know.
  9. I just spoke to team Wendy staff today. They will not sell padding by itself. They might be in discussions with a manufacturer to be their supplier.
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