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  1. Hi All I appreciate all the comments regarding lighting and thunder. The main thought of the posting was that the Manager had a nerve to make a comment regarding my EyEs on a play at home that he thought i didn't see and went against his team. But I was able to see 210+ and not 1 ft in front of me We called the other manager and stated to both Managers " we are suspending the game and have to wait 30 minutes until the last report of thunder and lighting so we can resume play." Game was continued and the manager that questioned my eye site was quiet the remainder of the game I had the same team on Monday Night, and the Manager came over to us and apoligized. Stu Pfeffer Ump1019@aol.com
  2. I was doing the plate at a Babe Ruth Game last night,and the weather was bad. There was a lightning bolt over right field. I stopped the game. Manager comes out and states "that you saw 210+ ft from home plate, but you didn't see the runner was safe 1 ft in front of you." My partner and I looked at each other and laughed. Ump1019
  3. Hi The color under shirt you wear under your Umpire shirt depends on 2 things, 1- What your association wants you to wear 2- Rule of thumb is the last color of the stripe on your Umpire Shirt except for the Cream Shirt you would wear Black undershirt
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