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  1. Chris32


    Since when is assistance interference? Where do you get assistance? The passed ball is sitting at the backstop and the on deck hitter tossed him another ball that he was going to give to me when he came to bat. The catcher NEVER moved go to get the ball.
  2. Chris32


    Bottom of the 6th, no out. Ball four to the batter that is a passed ball. Catcher NEVER moves to go get it. On deck hitter tosses him (the catcher) a ball. The catcher subsequently throws the ball to try and get the kid out at 2nd because of heads up base running. Partner and I come together and ulitmately determine Interference on the on deck batter. Runner is out because he can't be called out if he hasn't had an offical at bat in his order in the inning. BTW the home team who got the interference call against them, got the win. Thanks!
  3. I hope it's not a result of the meeting w/MLB brass in NYC. I really enjoyed the site and was looking forward to Rob's blogs throughout the summer! Hopefully he can at least have it up during the offseason! Chris
  4. I prefer the 4 dial. To me it just feels more comfortable in my hand. I don't really keep track of the innings but it just feels better. :eek:
  5. Looking forward to getting back to posting. Tar heel have you invited some of the other guys from the other site we are on???
  6. I don't go to a game anymore to watch the game. I have found myself watching the umpires more than I do anyone else. I watch their positioning and their communication.
  7. Thanks for the invite!!! It's nice to see some new umpire message boards popping up! chris hurst
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