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  1. one more thing...as for " preferred lists"...home team has the vouchers and more likely to remember your name so if you punch out that batter in the last inning to end the game do you really think you'll get on that home teams list?
  2. No, coaches are too subjective. Here's a scenario...last inning, home team down by 1, bases loaded, ump punches out their best hitter to end the game one coach thinks you're a hero the other thinks you're a zero. I'd rather be evaluated by my peers.
  3. Bottom line is that it is unnecessary and stupid trying to justify it is as well. No need for him to draw negative attention to umpires.
  4. This guy gives us all a bad name .... http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/mlb-big-league-stew/umpire-odd-gum-throwing-ritual-salute-game-disrespectful-223407628.html
  5. waaaay tooo close to call ! no need to insert yourself into a game with a questionable call...in basketball they call it swallowing the whistle.
  6. What about this situation? Ground ball SS fields it in the hole his throw to 1B is up the line, the left handed F3 reaches across his body (up the line in the direction of the runner) in so doing BR, F3 and ball all arrive at the same time ... collision, ball hits runner (who was in the 45' lane)...defensive coach screams for interference. I say no, incidental contact...play on... I believe I was correct. Any thoughts?
  7. Runners on first and second...ground ball to F3 who looks at 2B for a potential play there but opts for the easier out on the BR at 1st. In the process of the play F5 fakes a tag on R2 who slides into second (obstruction) ... the runner hadn't reached 2B and probably wouldn't had advanced any further, would you award him 3rd and as a result awarded R1 home?
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