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    HS and younger, would like to move up though
  1. Ah - there it is. Knew it had to be in there somewhere. Thanks!
  2. Thanks, that makes sense, especially because of the long delay. I'm just wondering if it's a rule/ruling somewhere or if it's just approved because it's not violating the spirit of the rule. I flipped through the OBR book quickly before I posted, and didn't see any exceptions there. On a side note - this would be the same in all codes, right?
  3. Was at the Nationals-Phillies game tonight and an interesting situation came up: Plate meeting is held, then with two outs in the top of the first, the skies open up and there's a two and a half hour rain delay. When teams come back out, Nationals pitcher finishes the inning, BUT in the bottom half of the first the Phillies put in a substitute pitcher (Kyle Kendrick for Roy Oswalt) even though Oswalt hasn't appeared. Doesn't this violate the rule that the pitcher named on the card has to throw to at least one batter? Or does the rain delay qualify somehow under the injury exception?
  4. I've gotten the same reaction before. I think it has a lot to do with being on sites like this. The type of umpire who's on these boards, and reads and re-reads rulebooks and manuals is always going to make calls that others don't, because you've gotta (at least think you) know your stuff to make and sell the tough and "obscure" ones. The obscure ones being the ones the coaches haven't heard of of course...
  5. maxs

    DC contacts?

    I've done HS and below, but I'd be interested in any help you could give me. I ref adult soccer too, so I wouldn't mind getting some baseball games with older players. Thanks!
  6. maxs

    DC contacts?

    I just moved to DC (yes, actually in the city) and I'm looking for an association and/or assignors that might be able to help me pick up games during fall ball, and then in the spring. I'd really appreciate any contacts you guys could help me with. Thanks!
  7. It should always balls with the left hand, strikes with the right. If you're worried about people reading it wrong, you can verbalize the count as you show it. I'm not sure if it's a correct mechanic or not, but I usually put up my left hand with the number of balls and say it, then put up by right hand with the number of strikes as I say that so there's no confusion. i.e. 2-2 -- Left hand up/2 balls, right hand up/2 strikes.
  8. One word - sound is similar to my other called strikes - something like stee--raiii - but with a bit of a different tempo. I don't usually verbalize the number of balls or strikes when I call them
  9. I have to say, that even though I'm a Phillies fan, I don't think he's out of the box. If you look at the 32 second mark, the front foot is well outside the lines, but it is in the air when he makes contact. The heel of the left foot is close enough, that I don't think you can call him for that one being out of the box, so I think this is a good call. That said, watching it live I thought he should have been called out for sure
  10. maxs

    Unknown Rules

    It was just mentioned, but I think the biggest unknown is that it's a timing play, not a force, when a runner doesn't tag up. The other one is that the baseline is between the runner and the bag, not a straight line between the bases. I was BU for a LL game once where R2 ran all the way into left field on a grounder to F6 with the infield in, when F6 turned around, thinking he was going to tag the runner, he was 20 feet away, so he got confused and threw late to first. No one understood why I left the kid on third...
  11. maxs

    House rules balk issue

    Thanks guys, what made it worse was that my assigner for this league called me after the game and said I should have killed it, so that really made me second guess myself. (As you can tell, this association isn't exactly the best, but this is my first year in the area, so I take what I can get, and the HS association only assigns HS games.)
  12. OBR - 12u 50/70 travel league, I'm PU. Ripken rules, but they also add their own modifications - the one that matters here is that they say that each pitcher at this age gets one warning before a balk penalty is enforced. The situation: R1, R3, 1 out. RHP tries a 3rd to 1st move, but just swings his leg around to first, without stepping toward 3rd ("That's a balk") but his throw gets away from F3 and both runners advance. I go to the pitcher, tell him that's his warning, go back towards the plate and look to the dugout to tell the HC that his pitcher has a balk warning, but he wants to
  13. maxs


    Thanks guys!
  14. maxs


    Hi all, I've read this and some of the other forums for a while now, but finally decided to start posting. I've been umpiring for 9 years (started when I was 13 in between games I was playing), and I feel like I've learned a lot reading the posts, so thanks for all the help!
  15. maxs


    Long time lurker - first time poster - But I cram all my equipment in the back of my Miata too!
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