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Found 1 result

  1. The NJSIAA is the governing body for New Jersey interscholastic athletics. Their baseball re-certification test was released yesterday. Today, I received this message: F YOU ALREADY SUBMITTED THE TEST, JUST LET IT BE..............~~If you have one of the following questions on your test, please use the answer choices below when answering; not what is displayed on the screen.Question:On ball four, the batter-runner overruns first base, turns to the left in fair territory and is tagged by the defensive player with the ball before batter-runner can return to first base.a. Batter-runner is ruled out for overrunning first base on an awarded base on balls.b. Unless he made an attempt to feint to advance to second base, the batter-runner is entitled to overrun first base and return without liability of being put out.c. Merely turning to the left after overrunning first base does not constitute an attempt to advance or a feint.d. B and C are correct.Question:The batter has in his hands a bat that has an exit-speed indicator attached to the bat knob.a. If PU notices before batter enters the batter's box, umpire shall require that the attachment be removed.b. If PU notices after batter enters the batter's box, the umpire shall call the batter out for using an illegal bat under Rule 7-4-1.c. Both A and B are correct.Question:Base umpire calls B1 out on a close play at first base. Head coach of Team A asks Base Umpire if he could get help from the Plate Umpire as This is a big call at a Big Time in this game. Base Umpire should:a. Refuse request to get help as this was a judgment call.b. Base Umpire should have immediately asked Plate Umpire for help if this were a pulled foot or swipe tag scenario.c. Confer with Plate Umpire to make both of you look good.d. Both A and B are correct.Question:B6 is at the plate with a 2-2 count. F1's pitch is in the dirt, but it bounces through the strike zone. B6 subsequently swings and misses and the ball hits his forearm.a. B6 is awarded first base.b. B6 is out.c. The ball is dead when it hits B6.d. A and C are correct.e. B and C are correct.Question:The definition of a catch is the same for a thrown and a batted ball. An exception being that a throw to the first baseman may be trapped as long as F3 can demonstrate control.a. Correctb. IncorrectQuestion:With R2 on second and R1 on first and no outs, B3 hits an infield fly, but the umpire fails to call Infield Fly. Is the infield fly in effect or not?a. Even though it was not announced by the umpire, the infield fly rule remains in effect.b. Both teams have the responsibility to know the conditions for an infield fly.c. B3 is out on an infield fly and the force play situation is no longer in effect.d. All of the above are correct. How the hell does this happen? Every single year, the questions asked are asinine and obfuscate far more than they educate. Should I remind you? Look :
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