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  1. Thx, I sent the runner back to 1b, but he over turned me and called the base runner out saying a dead ball could be hit and called the BR out @ 2nd:confused: 54
  2. Situation. Baserunner on 1st, PU calls DEAD BALL in the middle of the pitch, Batter hits ball, grd ball to SS who throws BR out @ 2nd. My question: Is the ball DEAD runner ruturns to 1st. Batter returns to plate to ontinue his AB? Thx 54
  3. Hay All. Any comment on the Sul200.. I just bought one on ebay. any comments would be greatly apperciated. 54
  4. Ump-54


    No.. my sons LL manager was umpiring a LL JR tounry.. and the manager for one of the teams is my sons Travel ball Manager / Intructor.. the Umpire supposally brought up my sons name to the travel ball manger and had bad things to say about my son. the travel ball manager had to defened my son.
  5. Ump-54


    Where does a umpire cross the line @ the plate meeting regarding ethics and golden rules?
  6. Thank you.. ya it is nice I get to do alot of games... I did Section 7 AllStars that Citrus Park won... All most tossed the Dugout coach..
  7. Hello All. Been umping for around three years know.. Mostly LL. look forward in good advice from fellow umpires. Tampa Area Jeff
  8. Just received my Platinum.. did my first game on Saturday. very nice the best CP I have worn.the only issue is getting my shirt over the CP... any suggestions? or just go from a Large shirt to XL.. any help. been Umpiring for 3 years and love it
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