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  1. Something about working the plate at higher levels, getting the pitch correct is number. That will cause for some unconventional stances at times. Get the pitch correct. As for the play at the plate, this umpire was in a near perfect position to see this play. He has a direct line of sight to see the glove in relation to the runners body. The institution of replay has caused an evolution with the way that plays at the plate develop and how runners acrobatically slide into the plate. This is a great example of working to see the glove and runner coming together at the plate. Plays at the plate are a big topic of conversation at UTD camps, along with working second base. Before blatantly bashing an umpires position on a forum like this, you should help to educate yourself on how plays should be taken now. I can speak from personal experience that UTD camps have top notch instruction and keep up with the latest philosophies when it comes to taking plays. You will see a distinct correlation between what you see taught at these camps and what you see the best in the world do on tv.
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