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  1. I’d like to hear some feedback from the umpires here. In your opinion why is it hard to advance into higher levels of baseball. Be it from little league to Varsity Highschool it Highschool into College or even up into the higher ranks of college baseball. Lets hear it.
  2. We have guys from high school through the Power 5 attending. Troy Fullwood will be at each of them with a talented staff from the ACC/SEC staffs.
  3. We’d love to have you at camp if you think the plate guy is out of position. Woefully The website has been updated- we had some technical issues. Thanks for the heads up. As for the plate guy in the stance - he’s working the plate with the inverted heel toe stance which Im sure has to do with his slot being squeezed on that pitch. That’s a photo from the ACC Championship Tournament - former AAA guy. The guy who is woefully out of position - former CWS umpire - the play went to replay - he nailed it. We’re not here to argue. We’re just sharing information. I just encourage you to find a camp to continue getting better. Just like we’d also recommend MidAm’s camp in Springfield. Go get training.
  4. Thanks for the add! Looking forward to interacting and the discussion. We are Umpire Training and Development Camps - we run umpire training and development camps under the instructional directives of Troy Fullwood. Mr. Fullwood is the current NCAA Division 1 Conference Coordinator for the ACC, CUSA, and the Big South. Check us out some time at www.utdumpires.com.
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