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  1. I was umping an 8U rec PONY game. One kid on the HT kept getting mad because he was a travel player on a bad rec team and his teammates were making errors. When he was playing shortstop, he got a throw from one of the outfielders and spiked the ball. Then, he threw the ball as hard as he could to the pitching coach and the coach almost missed it. I told the kid to calm down because he was going to hurt someone. On his next at bat, he grounded out to the pitcher and he got fired up. In the next inning, he was back at shortstop and he threw the ball hard again to the coach. This time, the coach missed it and the ball hit a kid in the side of the head while he was walking back into the dugout. I ejected the 8 year old and he sat with his mom for the rest of the game. After the inning, the HTHC thanked me for throwing the kid out because he needed to be taught he can't get through life crying all the time. Ever since the ejection he has been a much calmer kid.
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