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  1. FWIW, I believe it’s not CI for two reasons beyond J/R (and closecallsports agrees with J/R). 1. How can a catcher ineterfere with a batter who is not in a position to legally strike a ball? 2. The umpire school manual that I have is what became J/R. (Our class was taught by Roder). The point being, that interpretation is what was being taught in class, at least in the 90’s.
  2. So I know that OBR 6.01(g) states that Catcher's Interference should be called on the catcher if R3 is stealing home and the catcher steps on or in front of home to receive the ball, thereby interfering with the batters ability to hit the pitch. However, I've seen interpretations, that I agree with, that say the batter must stay in the box so that he's able and willing to hit the pitch for this to be called. Meaning, if he steps out of the box before the pitch arrives, the catcher's interference shouldn't be called since a batter not in the batter's box cannot legally hit the pitch anyway. So there are some who argue vehemently, and correctly, that 6.01(g) does not provide the batter out of the box exception. My question is, where in the OBR rule book, or any manual, is the out of the box exception mentioned?
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