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  1. I agree with @beerguy55, assuming the helmet is still on the batter, the batter cannot intentionally or unintentionally interfere with a catcher's throw. 6.03 (a) (3) I believe is the rule in OBR. If this is Little League, I believe it's the same result but I can't seem to find the language other than they can't hinder the catcher from fielding the ball, but ti says nothing about a throw from the catcher in the interference section of 7.09.
  2. AngryOsito

    Caught ball?

    From the Little League perspective, I believe the "official" mechanic is to signal and verbalize safe and then point down and verbalize "ball on the ground" if it's uncaught. It's just an out verbal and signal if it is caught.
  3. @Aging_Arbiter No he's my cousin. Ted's got problems but is awesome for post game libations.
  4. AngryOsito


    Having worked in a league that checks bats before every game and then seeing the number of illegal bats set out for inspection in the district tournament, I was amazed that some leagues just let this go for the entire season.
  5. @grayhawk I put in my application for the local HS association just a few weeks ago. Some of the fine umpires I worked with during the all-star tournament convinced me. I am looking forward to expanding into some higher level ball.
  6. Had this in an LL Minor game earlier this season. Kid just stood there and watched a "Minor Curveball" hit his leg. Coach argued he didn't have time to make an attempt to get out of the way. I wanted to tell him my dead grandfather would have had time to get out of the way, but my filter kicked in before that happened.
  7. Thanks @Mudisfun! I have not yet been "corrupted" by multiple rule sets as yet, most likely a different story next year. I have had a chance to look at the RIM and it has proven itself a great great resource. Speaking of All-Star time, I got the opportunity this year to be involved in the D63 tournaments and it has been a blast working with some very experienced umpires and then getting to pick their brains after the game. I am even looking into attending the week long WR clinic, though I hear you gotta be quick to get into it.
  8. Thanks @ousafe, I will be sure to keep that in mind. After perusing a few posts I have noticed people mentioning OBR vs. NFSH and the like.
  9. Hello everyone! I am finishing up my second season in the Ojai Valley and have ~90 games under my belt in those 2 seasons. This season I have the opportunity to work the D63 All-Star tournaments as well and I am thrilled about it. I can't wait to dig through the vast amount of information on these forums to improve my skill set.
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