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  1. Is there an answer key to this exam somewhere?
  2. Thanks everybody. Very helpful indeed. JV baseball and Softball has begun here in sunny Hawaii (Kona anyhow, pretty rainy in Hilo) and I am getting plenty of assignments, so far so good. I think the other umpires in my organization are happy with the young blood. ---keep calm and call strikes
  3. Hi there everyone. I'm new to the forum. 3 years umpiring youth baseball 8yo-14yo and starting High school games this upcoming season. I have been looking through some of the other posts and I realize that I don't know what most of the abbreviations everyone seem to be using. I know BR=batter runner, F1-F9 are positions, R1,R2,R3 are base runners, PU= plate ump, U1 is a field ump. What the heck are all the other ones you guys are using?? I will write down some examples and repost in a bit but I wanted to start the thread to see if there is a "key" somewhere -----Keep Calm and Call Strikes
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