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  1. Hi AJ - I just got back into umpiring as an adult. Started as a Junior Umpire back in the day. I'm in SoCal as well. Feel free to reach out if you ever want to compare notes. -G
  2. I'm umpiring Little League for the first time since I was a Junior Umpire 20 years ago. One of the things I didn't remember about those days is how intense parents are during the game. Do you ever intervene when a parent says something out of line, or should I just ignore it? I had a parent this week get angry that I didn't call obstruction, then he tells his son to "mow down anyone in (his) way" if the same situation develops in the future. I ignored the parent the entire game, but left questioning myself... How do YOU handle parents/spectators? Would love to read your input. Thank you!
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