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  1. I do agree I shouldn't have but with it being a rec major game, I figured I'd give the parent what he wants.
  2. This was a major game a couple of weeks ago. Don't remember the score but I have R3 with two outs. Pitch gets passed the catcher and R3 tries to score. I have him out at the plate and as he gets up from the slide he throws dirt in the catchers eyes. That's an easy ejection. OC comes out to ask why he was ejected and he he argues that he didn't do that. Fortunately, 3rd base coach comes running over and talks to his coach because he saw it too. The funny thing is, I get a parent talking to me during the inning switch and he asks for my name and he says I don't like my "umpiring style." I tell him my name and I say "My assigner is on the field next to us and by the looks of it, they have two outs in the inning so you have time to talk to him soon." I don't know if he went over and talked to him or not but I told my assigner and he backed me 100%. A week later, I have another game and it's that same parent as the head coach. He didn't say a word at the plate meeting. Turns out, he is the dad of the kid that threw dirt in the catchers eyes. It was an easy one for my first player ejection.
  3. wtompkins

    Force Play and Run

    Awesome, thanks for the quick response! Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  4. wtompkins

    Force Play and Run

    I want to add to this. R1 and R3, two outs. Ground ball to F3, steps on first then throws to F6. While the throw is happening, R3 scores and shortly after, F6 tags R1 sliding into second. The run counts because the BR is out and R1 is no longer forced to advanced. Is this correct?
  5. Fortunately, I know another umpire that will be up there the same time I will be and he will be picking me up from the airport. Thanks for the info!
  6. I will be going to CDP for the first time during week 4 (June 25-July 1). I originally played there back in 2009 (would never have thought that I would go back as an umpire). I am 19 years old so I am already expecting to be one of the youngest, if not the youngest umpire there. I am being sponsored by a team and I have faxed the umpire resume found on the CDP website already. I see a couple of posts about people getting their packets? What is that and when can I expect that when I submitted my resume a couple of days ago? Apart from gear and uniforms, what do I need to bring? I will be flying so this probably changes things. Speaking of flying, I will be flying into Syracuse on the 24th and leaving later in the evening on the first. I've seen some posts about politcs and to stay away from it. What kind of politics? Who should be the next POTUS or which teams are good and which aren't?
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