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  1. @Tksjewelry: Just got my Honig's pants in the mail - WB1 (Base) and WB2 (Plate). In 2 sizes up from my normal size 10, they fit great in the waist and hips. They are just REALLY long and took them to be hemmed. I may have like 6-8 inches of fabric from each pair if you still end up needing it:-)
  2. Thank you! I am planning to get my own gear and am so grateful for the specifics. I am currently umping AA and AAA and will likely start doing Majors next year (I coach and Commission at that level so I happily don't have to be in the dicey situation of umping in my own division). And YES - I totally know that I will get hit. Even from coaching the little guys I have had numerous ball-shaped bruises all over! Thank guys and gals for the great advice!
  3. Hi all- Just wanted to give a brief introduction as I joined today. I have been coaching youth baseball for 4 years and am in my 2nd year as a Little League umpire. I am a Commissioner in my youth Little League. I have a ton to learn and have so appreciated the collective wisdom on this site. I am also a woman umpire and coach which adds some layers to the learning curve, dealing with coaches , and being a Commissioner. I don't aspire to the Major Leagues or anything other than youth baseball but love the game and love umpiring more than I would have ever thought. Thank you to all for the huge amount of collective knowledge that is already here. Thanks, Laura
  4. Thanks you all so much - VERY helpful! Am trying out Honig's pants and belt and am building from there. My league has some gear and i am trying different equipment out but would like to get my own so it fits and moves well. I really appreciate your insights!
  5. Does anyone have ant recommendations on umpire gear that fit women? I am have the most trouble finding pants that fit well and thought someone here might be able to recommend brands, etc. I am also interested in tips on gear, plate shoes, etc thoug the fit issues are less for those items. Thanks for many wisdom out there!
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