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  1. This is a great mask. I've had it for two full seasons and fallball so that's almost 300 games. While I have felt how light the traditional masks can be, I cannot imagine having pads against my face. Many times I umpire with the back-stop above my head and a helmet keeps me protected from fouls balls. I've done 5 games in a day for tournaments and I don't even think about the weight. What's wrong? Are helmets so heavy that some guys won't be able to hold their heads up after a while? They'll just sag at the neck? Taking balls off the mask doesn't faze me one bit. I barely feel them. The shock absorbers really work. A couple of times when I took the fouls I've heard the "gasps" from coaches and fans, and I wonder what the big deal is. I've gotten this helmet for less than $100. And I do plan to buy the titanium edition soon. One other thing I believe is important: This does not cover my mouth so coaches and players can see when I'm smiling and can better hear me talking. As ElkOil said in his post, "unless you can prove another protects better, it's the only one I'll use".
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    When I was a kid on the sandlot, we called this "electricity" and he was safe.
  3. Hi Tony. I just joined this site today, but have been umpiring for about 8 years after coaching for over 20. It does become an obsession. It gets in your blood and on rainy days you will feel withdrawal symptoms. In 14 years and 700 games, I'm sure you saw the entire spectrum of umpiring. If I could give you any advice it would be this: Be the umpire you wanted to have when you were coaching.
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