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  1. ricka56's post in Re-tagging base after Foul Ball was marked as the answer   
    The umpire is not supposed to put the ball back in play until runners have re-touched their base. So there is no penalty to the runners in the umpire incorrectly puts the ball back in play. The rule was put in place because R1 would "take his lead" one step from 2B after a foul ball. The rule prevented this kind of cheating. 

    I can't ever remember looking to make sure a runner has retouched his base. If he was trying to cheat and take a lead near 2B, then I'd probably notice that and enforce the rule. 
  2. ricka56's post in DUMB DAD was marked as the answer   
    When the pitcher steps back (disengages) from the rubber, he is treated like any other fielder than threw a ball out of play. Two bases from the time of the throw. R1 becomes R3.
    Additionally, if he hadn't disengaged, it would be one base.
  3. ricka56's post in USSSA vs FED was marked as the answer   
    Here are the 2015 USSSA rules  ...anything not in here is Official Baseball Rules (OBR).
  4. ricka56's post in RLV/Quality Throw was marked as the answer   
    Several years ago there was a POE about calling RLI. I can't find it, but we got a clarification from Elliot Hopkins who said that a throw was required, but a quality throw was not required.
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