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  1. I have known and coached many of talented kids who have "had a dream" to go off and do something for themselves that would have truly made them feel positive and happy about themselves. Only to be given advice that made them put that dream on hold and never do it! Tomorrow is not guaranteed to us. You are a young MAN of 18 years you have the world before you and if you feel strongly enough to man up and put your $4000.00 on the table and further educate your self in something that you feel is positive, fun, you are good at and makes you happy GO FOR IT!! I will be bold enough to say that you will probably be one of the youngest people in your session, and that in it's self should make you wonder why? Why are so many older than I interested in further there knowledge of this admirable profession umpiring? Waterford Michigan is north of Detroit, so I guess it is safe to say that you ump games April through October. This gives you plenty of time to take a few classes at a local community college if you choose. Umpiring is a physical job, so your education and pursuit of a degree is a great idea. Live your dream not mine or anyone else's! Be happy.
  2. Right handed pitcher R1 and R3 Spins and overthrows past 1b into DBT. What are the awards and why?
  3. My first JV game behind the plate. I tend to call the low strike, which makes for very interesting comments from the dugout. But to top things off I called a change up that dropped into the dirt before the plate for a called third strike. The OC came down and gave me an earful (much deserved) I took what he had to say and he was right, I blew it. I took the bat right out of the batters hand. How do you muster up the confidence to get back out there. I feel terrible. I have been beating myself up all night over this call. Any advice? During my Post game my partner said beside that call I had a good game. His advise was to stay down and don't rush your calls.
  4. Thats too bad. I hope you consider another date.
  5. IS this training still taking place? Are there still openings?
  6. Has anyone purchased this course (Umpire Teacher.com)? If so any thoughts Good, Bad or otherwise?
  7. R1 Stealing 2b on way to 2b, F4 tackles R1, pinned for 4-5 secs. F2 throws to 2b and goes into center field. R1 recovers and touches 2b and proceeds to 3b where runner is held up by 3b coach. Ball was live during the whole play. On a delayed obstruction call should the runner be awarded home? If in the umpires opinion runner would have scored if not tackled on the way to 2b?
  8. Batter Runner awarded 1b on BB, touches 1b over runs awarded base. catcher throws down to 1b, 1b man tags him while on the outfield side of base where umpire calls BR OUT. Any thoughts?
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