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  1. scrounge's post in leaving the batters box was marked as the answer   
    Is it legal to try? Yes....but if you actually make contact with the ball and your entire foot is outside of the box at time of contact (not just in the air, but actually touching outside all of the line of the box) - or if touching home plate in a HS game - and if it was seen by the PU who admittedly has more important things to watch at that time (namely, the pitch itself), then you would be out.
  2. scrounge's post in Runner scores from third before double play third out was marked as the answer   
    Yep, this is a time play. Coaches may argue that it's a force, but force is when you lose the right to a base and must advance. This isn't that.
  3. scrounge's post in umpire actions - dropped 3rd strike was marked as the answer   
    Make a "safe" signal with the arms and - more importantly - say "NO CATCH". Remember, the two people who most need to know, the batter and catcher, are facing away from you.
  4. scrounge's post in NFHS Appeal Play #2 was marked as the answer   
    Hypertechnically and in the most pedantic sense, yes the coach did not correctly appeal but this wasn't handled properly in the slightest. The BU shouldn't have called the runner safe or made a ruling at all...as he stated, he wasn't even watching the runner on 3rd (nor should he have been). All it would have taken was a quick "Let's go ask <insert PU's name>". Or the PU could slowly walk up and find out what he's asking - he probably knew all along. This unnecessary game of gotcha is a one way ticket to game mgmt hell, for no purpose. 
  5. scrounge's post in Coaches Interference was marked as the answer   
    There is virtually no way I'd call coaches interference on that. The coach has to intentionally interfere to get this call if he's in foul territory. This doesn't sound like it comes anywhere near that threshold. All the detail is interesting....but not terribly relevant in my opinion. Sounds like you're building the case that the coach had some duty to look where the ball was and actively get out of the way. That's not at all what's meant by intentional interference. Quite often, base coaches aren't looking for the ball - they're coaching the runners.
    As long as the base coach didn't actively do something explicit to interfere with the fielder's throwing lane (jump into his way, actively try to shield him, etc) and the coach is in foul territory, this is a big bag of nothing.
  6. scrounge's post in Is this interference? was marked as the answer   
    One fielder - and only one - gets complete right of way on the initial play. It's your judgment whether that's F1 or F4. If you thought F1 had the more legitimate play, then it doesn't matter if F4 was hindered by R1, that's nothing. If you did think F4 had a reasonable - not sure thing, but reasonable - chance at the initial play on the ball, then sounds like R1 interfered and should be out. Intent doesn't matter.
  7. scrounge's post in You know what might be interesting at the CWS? was marked as the answer   
    I was thinking cheerleaders
  8. scrounge's post in What happens to batter-runner? was marked as the answer   
    He got it right, because of 2) above. It's not being out of the baseline in what is usually said, the 3 feet rule of avoiding a play. But it's the abandonment. From 8-4-2, runner is out:
    p. after at least touching first base, leaves the baseline, obviously abandoning his effort to touch the next base; or
    NOTE: Any runner, after reaching first base, who leaves the baseline heading for the dugout or his defensive position believing that there is no further play, shall be declared out if the umpire judges the act of the runner to be considered abandoning his efforts to run the bases."
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