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  1. I have used a set of these from another umpire. first time i used them they were unnoticable. kudos to diamond for this product. the only con i have is with the way it fits on the knee...and i believe this is due to the fact they are made to wear under pants. I have yet to do this and any movement, sometime feels like they are moving or coming off..takes getting used to as i have worn them for several games now and have no issues. i have also been hit several time and havent felt a thing. these are very lightweight, and protect very well.
  2. you can send the LL RIM to me at afulmer70@sudddenlink.net. thanks, david

  3. my stance for the most part is the same as what is shown in d62's example. i am as close or maybe even closer. could be that i need to turn my body so that i am looking across the plate (say between the pitcher and r4, instead of at the pitcher himself) i place my lh on top of my left knee and lock it. my rh/arm comes across gut. thats the only difference i can recognize.
  4. i believe i am inconsistent in calling them, that is the problem. i have a hard time judging how low they actually are. I try and make myself wait until the ball has been caught or at least passes the plate before making a call, didnt know if i needed to be watching the catchers glove or is this something that comes with time
  5. Wanted to take this time to introduce myself to the forum. I have coached LL baseball for a few years, and this past spring took district training to begin a new avenue in baseball. I hope to be able to utilize this site and everyone's knowledge on how to better handle situations, and calls. I strive for the perfect game so to speak...i hate making incorrect or calls deemed 'bad'. i usually will recall plays that i think i need to review and research the rule book as well as forums such as this to get a better understanding of the game. hope to talk to you soon!
  6. in my short tenure as umpire, i am finding that I have a couple of problem areas, one of which has been brought to my attention in post game conversations with coaches, fans and parents. i position myself where i split my body with an imaginary line straight back from the inside portion of the plate. my two areas of trouble are the knees and below and the outside. i have since been moving my body to the outside and seem to be making more consistent calls there. what advice do you have for see the low pitches and being consistent? maybe its me, but i might not be following the ball all the way to the catchers glove, idk? any suggestions?
  7. just what exactly is this? I have seen it referenced in many boards and blogs
  8. our commish is an ump...started this year as well...i am going to assume its his interpretation. I was just wondering if there was something beyond what is spelled out in the LL rule book that I was missing. all it says in 'the right call' is pretty much the same as the LL rulebook....I will see where his interpretation is coming from, my thinking is just his interpretation. again thank you all, i hope to become a part of many discussions here..since i have began umpiring, i have gained a whole new perspective and respect for the position and the man in blue.
  9. but does it matter when he squares to bunt...sorry for pressing this, our league commissioner state that if he squares after the start of the windup that is his intent. i guess i failed to mention that this is LL, i do however appreciate the softball analyst since i will be doing softball in the coming days. thanks to you all!
  10. 1) The batter has to try to make the bat hit the ball for an attempt. If he just holds it out there and makes no attempt to hit the ball and makes no contact with the ball, then it is not an "offer to hit the pitch". Just "squaring to show bunt" does not qualify as an attempt. Even if he leaves the bat out over the plate when the pitch goes by. So what you are saying is that no matter when the batter squares to bunt, prior to or after the pitcher starts his wind up, the 'intent' is going after the ball?
  11. just started umping late this year and have come across some things that i feel i need to get clarified. 1) bunting - if the batter squares after the picture starting his windup, is this 'intent' to bunt the ball and a pitch outside the zone be a strike (must the batter pull his bat back in this case?) does "meet the ball" mean to go at the ball or is an up and down motion considered on in the same? after every game i try and reflect back on some of the calls that were either questioned or stuck out in my mind. and this is one that has been in the forefront of my mind the past couple of games. 2) appeals of a play. when more than 1 ump calling a game, is it allowable for a base ump to rule on a ball/strike call or a call made another ump, home plate or not?
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