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    Thrown Bat?

    Thanks guys-I found it just after I posted. It has always been assumed in our local league that it is dead ball out and I just wanted to be able to cite if it came up. Mike-we just switched to FED this year so at least we have some justification now.
  2. ncblue

    Thrown Bat?

    I had to make this call last night in a 10U rec game-kid hit catcher in the foot once, warning, and then me in the thigh the second time-eject. My question is can somebody tell me where this is addressed in FED book-just for my reference? Thanks in advance.
  3. I guess I was looking for something that wasn't there-over complicating it. I was being told by a local veteran umpire-who is the "one to ask" concerning rules-that in FED you couldn't throw to base if you were in windup-period. My take originally-was the only way you couldn't was if pitcher was engaged and began movement. He kept telling me differently and I began to doubt and overthink what I was reading. Thanks!!!
  4. Therein lies my confusion. I'm trying to familiarize myself with FED rules. I keep seeing in numerous inquiries their is a difference between pitching from the windup in FED vs OBR. In fact, in an earlier thread on this forum, it states "NFHS 6-1-2-It is a balk if a pitcher attempts a pickoff from the windup position." Forgive me for not completely understanding-but does this mean the pitcher must disengage before throwing? How does this differ from OBR?
  5. I had an interesting debate tonight with fellow umpire concerning windup and pick off moves. I read both sets of rules and the language in FED has me questioning myself. Is there ANYWAY-according to FED- a pitcher can toe the rubber in the windup and throw to any base legally?
  6. Thanks for all the comments guys. Worked with the same catcher last night and payed very close attention to my mechanics using some tips from here and it went fine. Still had some trouble with him moving his mitt but I worked around it. The fun part of the night came in to play when I had to eject my nephew-I will post that when I have more time.
  7. Thanks guys. As far as the catcher-its hard to describe. He was setting up and then just before the pitch-he would raise his mitt-not something I am going to see a lot I'm sure. As far as the coach-once I saw him going to my partner-i killed that quickly.
  8. Need a little help. I was calling a 15u game last night behind the plate. Had a relatively inexperienced catcher. First inning-as I would lock in the slot, he would raise his mitt directly in my line of sight. I kept asking him to work with me and told him if I cant see a strike-I cant call one. So of course the F1 couldnt find home plate with a map and coach calls time. After the pitcher change-he comes directly over to me and asks why I am telling his catcher to move-I should stand up higher or get directly behind catcher. Then he asks me why I told his catcher I wouldn't call strikes if he didn't move his mitt. I squashed it right there and told him what I said to his catcher. He said he was fine and then goes to the BU and starts. How would you have handled both? Thanks in advance.
  9. ncblue

    Was I wrong?

    Bat still in hand and batter was still in box but bat was in fair territory-if that matters
  10. ncblue

    Was I wrong?

    12u game tonite. Batter squares to bunt and lays bunt down. It hits home plate and bounces back up and hits the bat. I didn't call anything as under 6.05(h)-imo-he is not out. Got a lot of garbage from fans and a little from dc-not a lot but just wanted to make sure I got it right
  11. True!! Thanks for the welcome-I have been lurking for a few months-increasing my knowledge and trying to get better. I live in Clinton-a small town halfway between Raleigh and Wilmington.
  12. Thanks!!! It has been eating at me since I made the call. I looked thru my book and all over the 'net trying to find the correct answer. Seems like I owe the coach an apology.
  13. First time poster here. Calling 12u last night-1 out R2. He takes off for third as ball gets to catcher. Catcher steps back to throw and batter steps right in his throwing line. Ball hits batter in helmet and ricochets into LF. IMO the runner was gonna be out on the throw. I called runner out and kept batter at the plate. Nobody questioned the out call but wanted explanation on why it was interference. It has been on my mind ever since. Who is called out-batter or runner?
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