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    I cannot totally agree with this post, @maven, with regards to a batter’s interference with a catcher’s throw. In Fed, calling a second out (when the batter strikes out and then interferes with the catcher) against the runner being played upon is discretionary and requires the umpire to determine if the defense had a possibility of getting a double play “but for” the interference. Under OBR, there is no discretion. Compare, “(i)f the pitch is a third strike and in the umpire’s judgment interference prevents a possible double play (additional outs), two may be ruled out,” (FED 7-3-5 Penalty) with, “(I)f the batter interferes with the catcher’s throw after the batter is out on strike three, the umpire shall call “Time” and the runner is declared out for the batter’s interference.” (MLB Umpire Manual 2019, Section II, #66) (emphasis added) Now, honestly, we teach our umpires to call a double play, when working FED ball, unless they are absolutely 100% convinced there was no possibility of a double play. We teach this because that is the game participants’ expectation as that is the way it is called in every other code set. But, by rule, FED is different than OBR and NCAA.
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    We've discussed this "rule difference" before. My position is that FED's "discretion" is merely notional and could never make a difference on the field. The reason is that there's a strict either/or here: either the batter hindered the defense in their effort to retire the runner, or he didn't. If he hindered them, then a double play must have been possible (that's what was hindered), and we should call the double play. If he did not hinder them, then it wasn't INT, and we should not call batter INT. As you know, merely contacting F2 is not an infraction: the operative concept is hindrance, and no hindrance = no INT. Thus, in no case could we properly rule batter INT (w/ strike 3) and return a runner without calling anyone out. In practice FED draws a distinction without a difference. Hence, I never bother to mention it. Your teaching umpires to ignore it makes perfect sense to me (though I disagree with your stated rationale—expected call etc.).
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    I don't do FED, so I won't comment on the proper adjudication. However, your partner had no business making this call. This is PU's.
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    Totally. There are plenty of early spring games where I wish I would have had something like this.
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    I am about ready to lose it. Little League game, just trying to have a season and this is their championship. My partner is a no-show, that's fine I've done the majority of my games 1-man this year. The 1st inning I'm already hearing it from the VT dugout (These are 11-12 year olds...), this goes on for about an inning and a half until top of 2nd 2 outs batter hits a ball that looks close to the line. I see it foul the whole way and call it as such. The VHC is IRATE, screaming about how that ball was fair and I missed it, to which I immediately warn him. Following the inning, I warn their bench that any more of this and they're gone. Fast forward to the bottom of the 4th, runners on 1st and 2nd 1 out, the batter hits a fly ball in the infield that I immediately signal an infield fly. Following the conclusion of the play I reaffirm my call, to which the HHC storms over to me screaming "are you joking?!" followed by him trying to argue that it was not even close to being an infield fly. He starts to get more and more aggressive to the point where I toss him. He storms off the field and heads to the bullpen, to which I tell his assistant to get him to leave. The league's VICE PRESIDENT tries to step in and prevent him from getting tossed but to no avail, I'm not restarting the game until he's gone. At this point everyone is out for blood, the VP is fuming on the phone with the board because I tossed his buddy out, and the parents are about ready to rip my head off. Finally we resume. After 5 innings we're passed our time limit, the sun is down and we don't have any lights at the field. I go to the VHC to explain the situation and that we're done. He is absolutely IRATE, screaming how I'm screwing over his team and calling the game "30 seconds" after the cutoff (more or less a few minutes). I tell him there's nothing I can do (I have rules to follow) to which, the SAME coach who asked me earlier in the inning to go by the books definition of the time limit, goes ballistic again, to which I tossed him. Following that Mr. Vice President decides he needs to talk to me. He goes on about how the board'll be having a conversation on "rule interpretations", after which he's done talking and I left the field. What gets me about this one isn't the fact I tossed both coaches, it's the fact that this VP had the balls to try and override my control over what occurred on the field. Pretty sure I've got it all out, I'm going to go grab a cold one now.
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    God bless all the folks out there that work for LL for free. My motto has always been, and always will be: "I don't do it for the money, but I won't do it for free."
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    This is a pic of black matte (bottom), gunmetal (top LH) and brushed aluminum (top RH). I think the brushed aluminum looks like a new Nike Ti color.
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    Thanks Keith! Rawlings. I remove the logo with a seam ripper. They are a great value IMO.
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    Nobody screams where I'm working more than once. If the VP comes out, I'm not talking to him. "One of us is leaving immediately. You have no place interrupting this game. I'll be happy to speak to you by phone after the game." These leagues treat umpires like shît and then bîtch about the terrible quality of their umpires. Ha. You sow what you reap.
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    I tossed a TD, in a (discretionary manner) once when he came on the field and tried a similar ploy as in aaluck's situation. I quietly told him "everything outside this fence he is responsible for, . . . everything inside this fence I'm responsible for. Feel free to assume my position." He left without any further discussion. Game continued without the ejected personnel.
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    "Next inning he is back at F6." I'd call "Time" and ask the manager why an ejected player is back in the game. When he says the TD says it's OK for him to keep playing, I'd call for the TD. I'd tell the TD either the kid plays or I umpire but not both, your choice! In either case, subsequently, a call/report to my Assignor will follow.
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    Absolutely, @LRZ...absolutely. We hold the power. When we as umpires knowingly allow ejected coaches and players to return without walking away from that field ourselves? We give our permission for that to continue. I encourage all of you, if you encounter a situation where an ejected coach or player is permitted to return prior to what the written rules allow, please give serious consideration to refusing to work that game until the coach or player is required to fully serve their punishment. To quote Honig's, without us it's just a scrimmage. ~Dog
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    "OK, but I hope you can get someone to work this game, because I'm done for the day."
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    This is becoming more and more common. I shared earlier this summer a story of doing a game. At the time in mid-June it was the only baseball in the state pretty much and a very good and respected SEC/Sunbelt ump was working up there. 14U kid, at bat, started arguing balls/strikes with the SEC guy behind the plate which gets so bad he ejects him. Next inning he is back at F6, as the tournament director put him back in the game. After the game they went to the TD only to be told "these teams pay a lot of money to play, not sit in the parking lot". So your experience is becoming common, unfortunately.
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    May I offer several curmudgeonly thoughts? Why put up with this kind of garbage for so long? Shut it down promptly. What took you so long to toss him? After the initial conversation and your brief explanation for your ruling, don't argue further or even respond; likewise, after you eject him, don't respond, just wait until he leaves. I hope you called your assigner and let him/her know what happened, starting with your partner's no-show. He/she should tell the league they will have to play without umpires if this kind of nonsense is not quashed. And I don't see this as a LL problem, particularly. It is a problem for any association, at any level and age, that allows coaches and parents to act this way. In the adage, we promote what we permit.
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    And here's another good reason why I won't do LL baseball. I can't deal with all that anymore. Tip of the cap to you for having to put up with it all and standing firm.
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    Maybe I'm too long in the tooth to have fun anymore? Is it wrong of me to just be in the camp of simply running the kid and moving on with the rest of the game?

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