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  1. NFHS RULES Force play slide rule. Runner on first, 0 outs. Ground ball to SS -throws to 2B covering second base for an out. Second baseman turns to throw to 1st for a Double play. R1 does not slide , but makes no contact with fielder at all. He just casually runs to 2B. Runner at first is safe. However in my opinion, by not sliding R1 interferes with the second baseman's throw to 1st base. Do I have a Double Play? If so, does the play at first base need to close enough that the interference caused him to be safe? What if the defense had no shot at a DP, interference or not? Is it an automatic DP if interference is called? Thanks! I know the runner does not need to slide, but I believe the runner needs to "Peel off" to allow a throw to 1B.
  2. Thanks everyone. I know the move is unorthodox but it happened in a game and while it looked weird, my partner and I could not determine if it was a balk. It was not a spin move. The pitcher basically went through the same motion as an 'inside move' but instead of turning to his right, he turned to the left all the way around. He lifted his leg to the balance point and then turned to the left ( his glove side).
  3. NFHS Rules. Runner on 2nd. From the set position... Can a RHP lift his left leg and then turn to his glove side and attempt a pick off of R2?
  4. If the runner hurdles the runner hurdles the player and is declared out for doing so... is it an immediate dead ball or delayed dead and ball still in play?
  5. NFHS Rules I know a base-runner can not hurdle a player, but can they hurdle a tag? For example, R1 is heading to second base. The 2nd Baseman receives the throw from outfielder on the outfield side on 2nd base bag and reaches to tag and R1 jumps over the tag ( especially jumping over the fielders glove). Is this allowed?
  6. NFHS Rules. No runners on. Does a pitcher, starting from the stretch position, need to come to a pause in his delivery? If yes, what is the penalty?
  7. NFHS Rules. ( NJSIAA HS rules if anyone here is from NJ) 0 Outs. Runner on 1st. Ground ball to SS who throws to second baseman for a force out at 2B. 2B does not step to the side of 2B to make a return throw to 1B for a potential double play. ( he basically throws from the 2B bag) R1 does not slide. He simply runs straight towards 2B, not making any contact with the fielder but because the second baseman made the throw to 1b while basically standing in the 2B bag, the fielder was in his way of the throw. Do we have interference on R1 causing BR to be out also?
  8. Can a RHP ( still engaged on the rubber) feint a throw to 3B without stepping towards the base? Basically just does an arm fake.
  9. Can someone please post the actual HFHS rule on this? Thanks!
  10. Using HFHS rules, what can be done (if anything) when pitcher loses his hat on every pitch. Coach came and said it was distraction to his batters when the pitchers hat flies off on every pitch. I get it, it was annoying as anything but did not think there was any rule to fix the situation.
  11. Kyle Flanagan


    Can there be a balk with no batter in the box? For example, a runner on first and the pitcher is engaged on the rubber and commits a balk ( drops the ball, starts and stops a delivery....) but the next batter is leaving the on deck circle and is on his way to the plate.
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