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  1. He'd have a different different line to run directly to the base. I understand how the rule is written - and it's very poorly written at it's literal sense from an athletic standpoint for the runner. That play was because of a bad throw by the pitcher who was near the mound and no way effected by the runner until he was right at the base straight at it. I think it needs modification. Technically they may have been correct to be able to make that call and I get that. From a playing the game standpoint - the rule could be easily improved.
  2. I think they badly missed that one last night - but it's such a poorly written rule it's understandable. The orange base would make sense based on the current rules. If they don't add it, then they need to better clarify the rule that will allow a runner to actually run to the base with the line being on the outside edge. The orange base would probably stop a few injuries and sure make 5.09 (a)(11) far more sensible. What say you?
  3. Probably should kick the kid out if he hit a home run and they gave him the ball. LOL It's not about showing off your knowledge of the rules - it's about getting the plays and calls right. If another coach didn't call it out, would you really care if it's not distracting? If you've got the flexibility on how you are calling balls and strikes, surely you have that flexibility too.
  4. Got it. Thanks again. So if you can't faint to 3rd or 1st to make a play, it would seem the loosened up rule distinctly will allow the pitcher to faint to 2nd (or their would be no mention of feinting to an unoccupied base)? Very helpful. In fact, it would seem to clearly validate the ability to make the play at second, being that's the only base the pitcher can feint to provided the runner creates an impression of his intent to advance to such unoccupied base. I love learning the intricacies of the rules.
  5. Thanks. Which is what I would think and call too. Was actually a stupid question. I'm just trying to understand this "purpose of making a play" in 6.02 (A) (4) which seems to be highly misunderstood. It would seem as though if a R2 broke to third that the pitcher could feint to third then make a play.
  6. One more question on this topic/rule. R3 breaks for home. Pitcher in set and engaged with rubber- doesn't completely stop and throws home. How do you determine if it's a play or pitch? Thanks for all the feedback guys. Seriously helpful. Saw this play and batter swung and got catcher's interference. (A-hole coach calling steals without telling batter to take twice in the same game. Two kids just missed getting hit with the swung bat.)
  7. Awesome - thanks. I shared this idea with my coaching pal and he said I was wrong. Was emphatic it was a balk. (By the way - he's usually right.) I said, "well, not one ump has called it a balk." Then he gave me an "LOL". (Like y'all are crazy). He said every ump will call it a balk - so he won't do it. (Perhaps his confirmation bias.) Do I believe a good percentage won't know what to do? Yes. Jimurray said it's 90-10 for you. I'm guessing about 50/50 around here. (Not every ump out there stays on top of their craft like you guys do.) Any umps out there think this is a balk and my coaching friend is right? LOL
  8. That was what I meant and what I thought. We play against a few fast kids that always go on the first pitch - and they are hard to get out even with a pitchout. I think this move would catch them. We risk the balk if they don't go - but it's a good bet and our best chance to get them.
  9. So R1 - RHP - runner goes on first movement, can the pitcher.... Use an inside move to second and then step off. Reading the rule - it looks like the attempt to advance or even the impression of his intent to advance would allow the pitcher to treat second as though it were occupied. Am I right here?
  10. It's one of my good buddies birthdays next week and we're having a surprise birthday party for him. He's a high school umpire and I want to have some fun with him. I printed this image and am going to glue it to the cover of the real version. Would y'all laugh? Any other gag gifts you've received.
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