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  1. Thanks for all the tips. I have been having a better time at it. Yesterday I had a game at a small school and the field was like a converted cow paddy. The backstop was 3 feet behind me with grandstands so I had about 20 other umpires trying to help. Best was when I called an infield fly and everyone froze and the ball just dropped. Had to explain it to everyone.
  2. I am in a smaller association so I am getting solo modified games. 7th, 8th grades for B and C class and 7-9 for D class. The play was bases loaded. The batter hit one to the left of second. By the time I cleared my mask, catcher and batter, the shortstop and defense coaches were yelling at me about runner interference. I remember tracking the ball from bat to field and wondering why no one was making a play as it looked like a GIDP even for that age group. Coach came out and wanted to know why I wasn't calling the blatant interference and I just said I didn't see it. If I wanted a problem I suppose I could have said that was a $50 call lol I'm guessing I was blocked from the view of the interference from the batter. Also I probably came out too aggressively on a bases loaded play because I was anticipating a DP. Should I have stayed home? Thanks Sorry I posted this in wrong forum should be in the mechanics forum
  3. Thank you for the help. I think I will talk to the coach about it tomorrow.
  4. I have the same team tomorrow. (The one that lost the run) Should I mention to coach I got it wrong because he wasn't sure of the rule either. Its modified baseball if that changes things. I'm first year and was working with another first year so things were a little shaky all around.
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