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  1. Good Day All - Really enjoying this site ladies and gentlemen. Two questions: 1. What recommendations would you have for possible training programs or online training for someone new and umpiring only softball? I see a few out there but unsure what is considered some of the better ones. Should I consider some of the baseball umpire training programs and then ensure I know the differences between baseball and softball? There doesn't seem to be many that are softball specific. Or are the thousands of videos on Youtube a good enough resource for most topics - although I worry about the quality control - does the person really know what they are talking about and is it NFHS compliant as I need? I am very much a hands on/visual learner so reading the NFHS manuals is quite painful and labor intensive for me, although I still am pushing through reading them several times to ensure understanding. 2. Why do plate umpires keep their arms in front of their bodies rather than behind? Assuming there is a good reason for it, why would you not wear any sort of forearm protection or hand protection? I was watching a video of a MLB umpire and he was saying, keep your fingers loose, so if/when you get hit in the hand you will have a less chance of breaking fingers/bones in your hand...hmmm, why wouldn't we just wear some form or protection to this exposed area? I spent 12 years in the service (Go Army!) and sometimes we'd do things just because that's the way it's always been done or simply because we didn't want to look like a wimp, is any of this in play here? Thanks in advance, Pete Necedah, WI
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