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  1. Here is the situation that happened last night during my sons little league game. We were the visiting team Home team was batting Bases were loaded and one out Batter then swings on what he thought was a dropped third strike, but it was only the second strike. Batter then runs to first. Catcher throws the ball to first as he himself was confused at this time. First baseman catches ball and now has two men at first; the runner that was on first and the batter that ran to first on the second strike. The other baserunners then ran home during the confusion. The runs counted and then the umpire had the batter come back and finish his at bat. Question #1: Can you have two men on one base? Question #2: How was this not called a dead ball as the runner only had two strikes? Statement #1: If this is allowed, then why would I not teach my kids to do the same and just have then run on the first or second strike, confusing the defense, score a couple of runs and then have my kid go back home and finish his at bat? Thanks, Brett
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