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  1. Taking the last part of the citation above "Failing to move so F2 can make a throw is not batter interference" and applying it to the question asked about the runner trying to steal home leads me to ask. Failing to move so F2 can make a tag. Interference or not? Can the batter just stand there, holding his position, and interfere?
  2. Hey guys, thanks for the replys and the discussion. I had believed that the decision was based on judgment of the variables associated with the play. I was doing a one man 14u fall ball game and unfortunately missed the contact while attempting to get into position on the third base side of the mound ,( my bad ). My initial move was to expect a close play if the runner tried for third. Since no bodies went flying I couldn't be sure that the contact was enough to award the base. Thanks again
  3. B1 hits a deep ball past F9. While rounding 1st base, he gets momentarily tangled up with F1. Continuing to 2nd, he is held up by the 3rd base coach a few strides after touching the 2nd base bag. The coach at third wants a base award based on obstruction, moving the runner to third. If the runner passes 2nd base, is he "attempting to reach 3rd"? Or does he have to continue to the 3rd base bag?
  4. Ball was in his pitching hand by his side. This was a step off move before the pitcher was in the set position. I didn't balk him but the offence argued that the pitcher moved his arm first. I don't think that its a balk at that point either. I've seen lots of pitchers start to come up to set their hands but step off quickly. Sometimes backward to feint and sometimes a hop step to throw over to 1st. Thanks guys!
  5. Runner on first. RH Pitcher taking signs with ball in pitching hand. Prior to moving to a set position. Moves to step backwards and raise pitching hand simultaniously to fake runner back to first. Is this a balk?
  6. With two strikes the batter checked(?) his swing on a pitch that bounced just before being caught.PU pointed to U1 in "A" and asked Did he go?. U1 immediately answered yes and signalled strike with his right arm. Is the next move by PU a safe signal?
  7. What's the signal (s) and in what order for the plate ump? And the field ump?
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