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  1. Has anyone used the smitty expandable ball bags? I have heard that the pockets in these ball bags are not deep and won't fit and have a hard time with your indicator and brush. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I have 4 pairs of Poly Wool Pants in great condition. (2) FECHHEIMER POLY-WOOL CHARCOAL PLATE UMPIRE PANTS FECHHEIMER POLY-WOOL CHARCOAL BASE UMPIRE PANTS Honigs Poly-Wool Plate Pants All Waist Size 36. Plate Pants are hemmed to a 27 1/2" and Base Pants are hemmed to a 27". If interested, please send me a PM and I can send over pictures.
  3. @VAUmp Sent you a message on what I have available.
  4. Is there any way you can send pics... geraldjklein1908@gmail.com
  5. Which one would you recommend.... the one on officials outlet looks better
  6. Which jacket do you guys recommend... I am not the biggest fan of the Smitty version.... I was looking into either these two or the one that Ray has come out with... https://officialsdepot.com/collections/baseball/products/convertible-umpire-jacket-with-removable-sleeves?variant=8899952082996 https://www.schuttsports.com/convertible-sleeve-umpire-jacket.html
  7. Can you send pics.... geraldjklein1908@gmail.com
  8. Hello, is this still for sale? I sent you a PM.
  9. Is this CP still available for sale? If you are interested, I have a west vest platinum for trade. Please send me a PM and we can talk.
  10. I have 2 brand new Honigs mask harnesses if you are interested.
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