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  1. I was told taught once to watch her feet.. if the slapper is doing the cross over step towards pitcher. She has not squared for a bunt. on two strikes , watch more for making contact while stepping out of the box than worry about a 2 strike bunt foul. to me that is pretty cut and dry way to assess but never asked any one for a formal reference. Be interested to hear experts opinions.
  2. Thanks for the fast replies. Seems to be consensus so far, batter out. As i expected. @ ALL @ Rich ives, @ noumpere @ elkOil @ white47 @ Radie 88 - ALL THANKS .. - I can not elaborate more on the "foul" side logic, because I advocated the out. the statements i posted were nearly verbatim and advocated an illegal catch. that said, I truly respect the others opinion, he is more senior than me . At times we all can get confused and get a 'misunderstanding' stuck in our head, and just hard to get out. .and Ok, perhaps some adult beverages may have added to the discussion .(grin)
  3. Oh no, At Varsity level too. I am a new Umpire in Central Ohio and in two man crews, I was taught, Plate Umpire has primary responsibility on tag up if runner at third, every time, simple as that. Plate = tag up at third. Even on fly ball to outfield down RF line, and plate ump "has the line" to make the F/F CnC call, but then glance to third as Plate ump still has primary responsibility on third base tag up. Depending on runner/out situation and base ump position, a base ump can help out, but taught to confer with partner if a question.
  4. had a fun, spirited debate the other day, and thought i would share to solicit other opinions on the correct umpire call? (ORB first, and then if different for NCAA or NFHS) Situation = 1 out, R1 on 1st base, Batter 1-1 count, Description = Batter pops up in foul territory, left fielder runs in hard and makes play near 3 foot out of play wall. Fielder catches ball in foul territory, but then falls over the wall into the stands out of play. The fielder shows the catch and ball held in his glove (no debate, catch made). Question? = What is proper umpire call for both Batt
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