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  1. Max, You are correct. I worded that poorly! I made the call at first.
  2. Well an update, I ended up working the bases in a hs scrimmage today. My partner was great and extremely helpful. Being a scrimmage, we met w wry half inning for the first half of the game. I think I got all my calls correct though i often started to break in the wrong direction, especially from C. I got caught at third in a run down when I should have followed the BR into second. It was runners on second and third, one out. A weak shot to the hole at 3rd. I thought PU would stay home incase the throw came there and it did. But the runner on second got caught between. Fortunately there was no throw back to second. The game has a funny way of finding you, especially when you are new. Top 3, runner on 3rd, two outs. Speedy BR hits a shot to second. Runner on 3rd breaks for home. Throw comes in and it's an banger. I paused and made the call strongly and I repeated it, safe. I think I got it right but it was really close. All in all, I feel pretty good about my first umpiring experience. Thanks for the tips and pointers!
  3. I really like the journal idea! I know I have a lot to learn but I am really excited about learning this part of the game. Perhaps I'll journal here so we can all discuss and learn! Thoughts?
  4. Thank you Elk, That's more along the lines of what I'm looking for. I will be sure to review those topics before my first games next week. And thanks to the previous posters for their willingness to share such pertinent information in the support of this endeavor.
  5. As a new umpire, there is a ton of information thrown at us. I have worked hard to study mechanics, and the rule book as well as case manual. My question is this: what are the most common calls that you come across at the HS level?
  6. Kushagi


    I am a Rookie Umpire in Middle Tennessee. This will be my first year after playing most of my life. I'm looking forward to learning another view of the game. I'm sure this site will be a great resource. Thanks!
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