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  1. ????? See what I mean? Just soften up the core of the ball, and it doesn't jump as much off the bat. They keep dumbing down the bats, but haven't even thought about the ball. We've used all kinds of balls. Hate the soft core balls. What should be a one hopper to short, ends up bouncing over his head, etc.
  2. I will sound like a grouchy old man, but those (I'll watch my language) stupid 2 5/8 and 2 3/4 BBCOR $500 bats are going to get someone killed, don't really teach one how to hit, and penalize pitchers who throw what should be good pitches. If I could start my own league it would be 2 1/4 inch wood bats for all, 50/70 and no lead offs until you are 13 (I've seen two kids thrown out trying to steal at the 11-12 year old level in three years)
  3. In a tournament 12U game with a 7 inning or 1:50 time limit the home team (A) is leading the visiting team (B) 5-2 in the 5th inning. As team A takes the field for the bottom of the 5th the returning pitcher throws two warm up pitches. Without being asked to come to the mound by either the umpire or pitcher, team A's head coach comes to the mound with an assistant and begins working on the mound with a rake, some water, and a couple handfuls of dirt for nearly 10 minutes. There was a grounds crew present. They were never asked to come out or even look at the mound. The PU does not move from behind home plate. Both A coaches then go back to the dugout. The pitcher throws one more warm up pitch. Team A's coach comes back to the mound and it's very clear (as it can be overheard) that the conversation is not about the mound, but strategy. We asked if the coach needed to replace his pitcher since that was two visits to the mound. PU immediately says: No. Neither visit is charged. We asked for an explanation and were told "the visits are not charged, drop it." We asked if the clock was stopped for the mound issue. The answer was "No. It's part of the game." Thoughts? Opinions?
  4. It was a typo. There was one out on the play.
  5. Here's the situation: 11U tournament game following high school rules. Runner on second and third two outs. There is a two umpire crew. A fly ball is hit to medium deep centerfield. The catch is made and runner from third tags and comes home. The runner on second also tags (or fails to tag) and advances to third. On the play, the ball is thrown home for a possible play. It is fielded cleanly by the catcher. His coach tells him to throw to second. He does, and the second baseman steps on second base. The field umpire signals and vocally says: "safe!" The coach of the defensive team calls time. He talks to the home plate umpire for some three to four minutes. He walks back to the dugout. The umpire puts the ball in play. The pitcher steps off and throws to second. The homeplate umpire then calls the runner who failed to tag, out. The field ump did not ask for help on the call. I argued the call on the following: • The throw to second by the catcher on the original play was a legal and acknowledged appeal and the field umpire, who was at second base, called the player safe. The second appeal was illegal because it was the same appeal, on the same player, at the same base and only one such appeal is allowed.
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