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  1. Thanks, I'm pretty sure I know a foul ball vs fair ball when I see one; however, I'm not so sure I comprehend the rules with much clarity ) And, I know the crowd loves to rip an umpire to shreds when they get a basic call wrong :-D
  2. So, after reviewing the USSSA fastpitch rules, if a kid hits a line-drive and it appears to have flown over (bound for the outfield) 1st or 3rd base and then hits the fence in foul territory, it is a fair ball and I’m pointing to the field. Right?
  3. USSSA, http://usssa1.com/FPUmpires/FPMechanicsManual.pdf Check Swing Right handed batter: The First Base Umpire, when requested by the Home Plate Umpire, should assist on a check swing call on a right handed batter. Left handed batter: The Third Base Umpire, when requested by the Home Plate Umpire, should assist on a check swing call on a left handed batter. ) That's all I found for now..Heading out right now to go see our beloved Sooners play Tennessee..I'll report back with any "checked swings" incidents
  4. USSSA Fastpitch 12th edition Rules and by-laws (which are almost identical to NFHS rules) The coach could utilize the (DP) designated player, Flex and/or his subs being that all can replace the pitcher either offensively or defensively…the DP is allowed to play any position defensively as many times as needed thru out the game without changing the batting line-up; therefore the coach still has 9 batters and 9 fielders…so, my interpretation is that once the pitcher recovers she can resume pitching but not in the same inning that she left the game. The DP/Flex are only allowed 1 re-entry per game that is after they have left the game after replacing each other. Couldn’t find in the rules where there is a limit of how many times a starting player on the line-up can leave and re-enter
  5. USSSA Fastpitch Rules and by-laws, 12th ed.
  6. CrackerJack

    Fair Ball

    Rule 3, Definitions: Fair Ball, B. A fair ball is a batted ball which is on or over fair territory including any part of first and third base when bounding to the outfield. So, even if it barely flies over the outer edge of 1st or 3rd and hits the fence is it still a fair ball?
  7. thank you for all your good replies....I'm inspired to stick with it...so, it's back to the rule book to study some more!!!
  8. I saw the call, CLOSE CALL TAG AT 2ND.....when the dust settled 2 12U girls both looking at me...fielder had control of the ball settled on the runner's thigh...Saw it, Replayed it, Made the call...OUT....OMG, the offensive team coach came out to the field and was so in my face...."What, you had to think about it, YOU HAD TO THINK ABOUT IT!" he said...so, I held up my hand and did the "OUT" signal in his face and walked away...then heard some chick say, "that girl has on business umping a game".....Geez, do I really want to do this? Heck yea!!! besides I already invested $65 for my USSSA membership :-)
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