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  1. Last year I was invited by one of my assignors to a showcase for HS players that were being scouted for college. The umpires invited were being evaluated for potential D3 spots this upcoming season. The format was, each pitcher would face 5 batters, 10 batters would constitute an "inning" and each umpire crew would work 2 innings then rotate. The first game went off fine, and the main D3 assignor in the area switched up formats as he was impressed with my plate work and wanted me to work the whole 2nd game. So I make it through about 5 innings before wouldn't you know it, a 55 footer bounces up and catches me under the cup in the right boy. I have never gone down from a baseball, until this one. Sent me to my knees. Since this was a clinic and everyone's a-hole was puckered so tight and there was no fan noise, I heard the gasp from the crowd. The organizers came out, gave me water and asked if I wanted to stop. Hell no! But of course, the next batter ropes one down the right field line with no one on, so I get to take the runner to 2nd. Close play too. I lasted a couple more innings before they could tell I was a step slower and had someone else gear up. My assignor (who invited me) told me that I should have stayed at the plate since I was hurt . But I told him, no I have a job to do regardless of whether my schnutz are where they should be or in my throat. Definitely had a few brews that night while sitting on some frozen peas. Good news though, the assignor really likes my work and I have 14 D3 assignments this season. :yippie:
  2. Hi all, Just joined the forum, glad to be here. I'm a 3rd year umpire in Columbus, OH and I'm working my first year of D3 college ball this season (first games in 2 weeks!) Love every minute I'm on the field. Hope to meet some great guys on here and pick your brains to make myself better. Looking forward to interacting. Thanks!
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