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  1. ElkOil's post in Is the runner at first base forced to run on a batters hit? was marked as the answer   
    No. Once the batter-runner is retired, the runner at first can retreat because the force was removed once the out was made.
    Think of it this way: the runner on first was forced to run when the batter became a runner. Once the batter-runner was out, nobody is forcing the base runner to go anywhere anymore.
  2. ElkOil's post in strike 3 hits batter was marked as the answer   
    Any time a pitch hits a batter, the ball is dead. Period. Next, the umpire decides if the pitch was a ball or a strike. If it was a ball, the batter is awarded first base. If it was a strike, the batter remains at bat or is retired if it was strike three.
  3. ElkOil's post in BALL OR BALK was marked as the answer   
    FED 6-1-4:  A pitch dropped during delivery and which crosses a foul line shall be called a ball.
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