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Bradley says umps have vendetta against him

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Somebody please call the whaaaaamulance for this piece of human excrement... :banghead:

Oh, what a horrible horrible thing to say about said player.:bang: He's soooooo important to the game. Jesus H. Criminy. I thought you only heard about those things at the local level. :BD:

Maybe it's time to send him back to the minors so that they CAN deal with him.:angel4:

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You guys that are old enough will remember this familiar slogan/jingle from the '60s...

"Milton Bradley makes the best games in the world."

Well, now that's been reduced to just one, made by MB's competition, Parker Brothers:


(As in, 'Sorry excuse for a baseball player'). :banghead:

EDIT: Just noticed on the pic "The game of sweet revenge". LOL

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Lets not forget that this is the same guy that tore an ACL being thrown to the ground by Bud Black while trying to argue with Mike Winters in San Diego (effectively ending any chance the Padres had at going anywhere in the playoffs) and got into a plastic bottle throwing match with a fan while playing for the Dodgers.... AT DODGER STADIUM!

So I dont know what anyone is talking about. Dude is complete :angel4: so he can :BD:

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Piniella responds to Bradley's claim of umpires vendetta

Chicago Tribune, United States

Bradley told the Tribune he felt his incident with umpire Larry Vanover has affected the way umpires call pitches on him, especially with two strikes, and that some were trying to "ruin Milton Bradley." He said he would not change his approach at the ...


News provided to Umpire-Empire courtesy of Logo_25gry.gif

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