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I have launched a new way of supporting the site through Patreon.

I have 2 tiers available:

  • Crew Member
    • Costs $2 per month. 
    • Removes the Google ads
    • Get a "Crew Member" profile badge (to be designed) to show everyone you support the site
  • Crew Chief
    • Costs $5 per month
    • Removes the Google ads
    • Get a "Crew Chief" profile badge (to be designed) to show everyone you support the site
    • After 3 months of support receive a 3" vinyl sticker of the UE Logo

It may take a few days to remove the ads. Please either use the same email address you are registered with here or in the notes on Patreon enter your username, so I can: Identify who made the contribution.

You can support the site here: patreon.com/user?u=112779508

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Also, I recently received 2 emails asking about the availability of stickers like the oval UE stickers, The Keep Calm or even Logo stickers. 

Obviously since the recodification a while back this isn't the same, but I want to let people know. I am looking into this. But I do not want to do the fulfillment myself. That is why I closed the store with T-shirts, stickers and such. I was not only bad at fulfillment, but beyond awful. I made many people mad with me, and rightfully so, That it would take a month or even longer to get what they ordered. 

I created a Zazzle shop and didn't sell a single item, but will look into this again maybe a shopify or other print on demand type service. The down side is these can get expensive at $8+ for a stupid sticker. I know there are any number of places that I can get 100s for less than $0.30 each, but once again I'm horrible at fulfillment. 




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3 hours ago, Umpire in Chief said:

Thank you we have already had 2 "Crew" Level supporters. Enjoy your ad free experience! 

I can get an ad-free experience with web browser extensions. I didn't do it for that. I did it because of the value I get from the site. And I hope others follow suit.

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