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First world play? Third world play?

Tog Gee

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1 hour ago, Toggy said:

From context I think I have an idea of what these terms mean, but can someone please just explain it to me?


Iv'e never heard of a First World, ....but Third World is basically just a once in a lifetime play (think-third world country-very remote and obscure)

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C'mon guys: "third world" is so 1958—countries not either in NATO (First World) or Warsaw Pact (Second World).

"Developing country plays" has no mojo. I can't recommend it.

So maybe we need a new term: how about "infinitesimals?" As in, the probability of their happening is...you know...infinitesimal. 

Maybe that's not catchy enough. "[Near] zero probability plays," or ZIPS? That will offend only Akron U. alumni. 


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