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Rundown Tag at Home Plate


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6 hours ago, Gfoley4 said:

Anyone have obstruction on F2 here? Certainly not expected call but seems the runner clearly does a side step to avoid him.

I do have obstruction.  Why wasn't it called?  Watch the umpire.  He appears to be trying to get out of the way.  Could that have been a distraction?

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No. There's no hindrance by F2, and no hindrance = no OBS.

I have R3 running into foul away from F5 with the ball in fair, not running around F2.

Watch it again and check where R3 is looking, back at F5 to see him decide not to throw to F2. Looking back like that, he can't possibly by trying to avoid F2 (though it seems to occur to him after the tag to say something like that).

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