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Brushing off a turf plate?


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On 7/25/2023 at 11:57 AM, The Man in Blue said:

I have tried on an actual plate, but I find the pellets bounce back more than they get brushed off.  I hate the "foot rub" technique, but a slow "kicking" gets the pellets off much better.

On a tangent ... STOP PAINTING HOME PLATE AND THE PITCHER'S PLATE ON THE FIELD in order to save a few dollars.  Put in an actual hunk of rubber and make sure the damn thing is NOT two inches below the turf.  One complex I have been working has painted pitcher's plates which the pitchers cannot feel or push from

My experience is similar. Any time I try to brush off all the pellets on top of the plate, they either stay in place or return a short time later.

This past year (2023), I was working a game on a newly-renovated field where the pitcher's plate was either painted on or countersunk below the artificial service. I couldn't see it at all from behind the plate, and I can't imagine the pitchers like that either because of the different feel.

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I brush off the plate on a turf field with the rubber pellets that get all over the plate.  (I've never worked on a field with a plate that is "painted on"...only on a field with a "real" plate.  

I don't do it during the inning (unless there is a slide at the plate that covers the plate in pellets).  But, I'm superstitious (big shock...someone in baseball who is superstitious) and I "have" to brush off the plate before each half inning.

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