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A friend contacted me yesterday that on the news, there was a lengthy story about how Youth Leagues can't get umpires because the parents are obnoxious, unruly, and even violent towards umpires.  I explained that's why I quit two years ago!  People are just noticing this?

My friend told me it was a NATIONAL story!  Although they didn't mention Little League, Inc., specifically, all youth ball seemed to have this problem.

There are a ton of clips on YouTube that document violence against umpires, volunteer or paid.  The problem its not just baseball!  Football and Basketball show the same kind violence.

This just in!  Somebody just now noticed it's a problem?

Now, where do higher level sports officials get started?  Usually Youth sports leagues.  How do they get seasoned for higher levels?  Well, experience, but what's happening is that there are fewer folks who want to subject themselves to this nonsense.  So you get less-experienced people fleeting up to High School, NCAA, and pros more quickly.  And what do you hear now at pro levels (NHL and NBA are quite visible with playoffs right now)?  There is always a snipe and the officials!  Maybe some of it is technically correct, but what do you expect when these officials have not been seasoned as well as the past.  And of course there are always armchair officials and Little League parents who think they know the rules.

Broadcasters are trying to have a rule expert at the ready to explain some of the odd plays;  that helps!  But try to explain LL Rule 7.13 to a dad with an attitude!

Sorry for the rant!  I'm afraid the game for which I was a volunteer ump for 34 years has deteriorated to a vulgar brawl!


Las Vegas



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Agreed @Vegas_Ump

I randomly googled "youth umpire shortage 1999" and this was the third result


LA Times may be "fish wrap" but it's a national newspaper. People don't notice because their kids go in and out of sports and they don't REALLY care about fixing it.

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