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HS post season regionals

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Game 1 of the high school post season regionals, I was PU in a 3-man crew.  This was the #2 seed (home) versus the #31 seed, so we knew it was not going to be close.  I worked the plate as hard as I always do (my level of effort is the same whether it is a JV game or a college game), and tried to be as consistent as possible with my zone.  After 4 innings, the home team was up 16-0, which ended the game on a run rule. 

The visiting team catcher, who had just gotten schwacked, told me, "Blue, you're the best umpire I've had all year!"  It felt good to have my level of effort appreciated, especially when it would have been understandable for him to be in a foul mood.

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@mac266 I know you don't like youth ball, but....

I had an 8U player come up to me this weekend while he was waiting for his catcher (he walked from the mound to me behind the play) and thanked me for being a great umpire.  My heart dropped.

I told him thanks for being a GREAT player.

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