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"You were right blue, I looked it up"


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12U fast pitch game tonight.  Community ball.  Visitors is way more advanced than the home team.  They are batting, fielding, running like they are well trained and well coached.  No real drama tonight.  Until the 2nd inning.

Visitors are up.  Runner on 2nd.  Pitch comes in low, I call it a ball.  The ball is in the dirt but the catcher comes up with it.  Runner is off on the pitch heading for 3.  Catcher pops up, moves behind the batter to throw down.  Batter steps back out of the box right into her path and catcher double clutches the throw.  Easy call.  I call it dead, declare the batter out and send the runner back to 2.  Third base coach (which is the HC) comes down to ask.  I explain it.  He pulls the batter aside and asks me to explain it with her there (in this league, I'm OK with that.  In a tournament or something higher, I'd suggest the coach explain to his batter).  Anyway, they go back to their spots, new batter, etc.  I hear the grumblings from the visitor dugout and their fans.  No screaming/yelling at least.

Between innings, I stroll over to the fence where I have my water bottle stashed to grab a drink.  One of the dads comes running over and I'm thinking, "Here we go.  It was probably his kid".  He is clearly excited.  He says, "Hey blue!"  I look up at him and he says, "Man, that was a perfect call.  I didn't know about that one and we looked it up.  You nailed it, you were right on top of it and got it right."

I thought I was being punked.

Anyway, all of our war stories are less peaceful than this.  Figured we could use a positive one.

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