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Doing some market research and could use a little help


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All- I am doing some market research for a project and would like to know what area of the country (or world!) you are from, what sport you officiate (baseball/softball) and the number of umpires in the groups you are a part of. 

If you use arbiter, you can look at...... Arbiter->Lists->Officials->then it tells you the number in the group on the left side. 

If you are a State Official and know how many people are in your state group, the state/number would be helpful.

Your help is always appreciated. 

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South Bay Area, CA

Little League: I'm in two different districts. One has 192 members on Arbiter and the other 153.

Those are post season umpires (i.e. those that took a step beyond just a parent roped into doing games) but I'm not aware they ever purge that list though so take those numbers with a grain of salt.

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