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MilB Umpire Academy Ceases Operations Immediately -Should this forum section be closed?

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Official press release from last month 8/17/2022-


"With the recent announcement that Major League Baseball will be recruiting, training, and developing their prospective umpires exclusively, the Minor League Baseball Umpire Training Academy will cease operations immediately."

Given the radical changes to how professional umpires are recruited and trained, I believe this forum section should be retired. MiLB Umpire Academy no longer exists and I have not seen much discussion about the change on this forum. I think it is important to recognize this reality for any prospective umpires thinking about the professional path.
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This is strange. I would keep the section alive, if only to discuss the Wendelstedt school and the new MLB camps. That said, I would rename the section to "Professional Umpire Education" or something similar, as the Minor League Baseball Umpire Training Academy no longer exists.

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