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Fun with the netting down the lines


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Didn't look like a voluntary release to me.  Pretty clear no catch.  I'm surprised at the initial call.
I'll add another theoretical to that though: catch and carry?  (Nobody was on base, but if they were and he caught it ...)

I was too. What in the world made that a catch in his eyes?

No way on DBT. Can’t be catch and carry, unless he transported himself *through the net and into the stands ;)

I think CCS put one up a while back about Rizzo (maybe Votto, I can’t remember) and a catch near the net. There was a reference to being able to push the net back and “make room” to catch the ball. With that said, both of those can’t be true together.
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From the 2021 Minor League Baseball Umpire Manual (section 5.30, pp. 65-66):

In order to make a legal catch, the fielder must have one or both feet on or over the playing surface (including the lip of the dugout) and neither foot on the ground inside the dugout or other out-of-play surface…

Protective Netting

A fielder running into any screen or protective netting set on a field facing wall or railing (e.g., a backstop or protective netting along the first or third base lines) shall be considered as having entered the stands if, in the judgment of the umpire, neither foot is on or above the playing surface, even if he rebounds immediately back onto the field. Regardless of the location of the fielder’s feet, the umpire may judge the fielder to be in the stands, if the fielder becomes stuck in the safety netting, fails to immediately rebound or steps/falls into an out-of-play area. A fielder is permitted to lean against the netting and use his hands or head to hold himself up and prevent him from falling into the stands.

Play 5:  Runners on first and second base, one out. The right fielder makes a running catch on a foul fly ball on the warning track and his momentum causes him to fall into or becomes stuck in the field safety protective netting attached to the top of the field wall in foul territory. The fielder then rebounds onto the playing field. May the fielder throw for a play?

Ruling 5:  No. “Time” is called, and all runners advance one base.

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